SAISA 2018 Annual Report

Posted on July 26, 2018

SAISA Annual Report 2018

Another year is over in SAISA and we had positive growth after a small decrease in 2017.  Some new areas in North SAISA are starting to prosper including but not limited to Jacksonville, FL, Atlanta, GA, and Wrightsville, NC and we expect them to continue that trend.  Our total number of teams is right around 90.  

We made numerous changes over the last few years on our Supplemental rules to try to avoid redundancy with the National rules and make them more user-friendly.  We have an active board of around 15 people that serve 2 year terms.  We are getting our new slate prepared now to be voted on at our Annual Meeting in the fall.  We have over $10,000 in our operating fund.  We are looking at ways to spend it that help our league prosper.

In the Mallory we had our 3 qualifiers all place in the top 10.  And we won the 2017 Baker Trophy.  We had about 35 events during the season with around 75 to 100 kids at most events with some well in excess of that.   Over 40 boats sailed in our Cressy Qualifier and SAISA sailors placed 1st and second in the highly competitive Radial Class at the Nationals.  Our girls Championship event seems to be getting traction with 12 teams from all over the district participating and because National (ISSA) is looking harder at it we may try to add another event in the future.  We hope to increase participation on keel boats next year with St Pete hosting the keel boat nationals.  We also would like to see more Team Racing in SAISA.  Things are going well.  We expect more growth in 2019.